Welcome to the Studio Meala blog! We’ll be using this space to bring you updates, tutorials, and other fun stuff.  Or maybe we’ll just use it to vent at you. We’ll see.

So how about this studio stuff eh?  This should be fun. We’re all so excited to finally get this thing going.  We’re also shocked at how quickly we got this animation studio up and running!  Co-Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Fagan and I only met eight months ago! (I’m Sean, by the way, the Creative Director and… other Co-Founder of Studio Meala).

The two of us met when we were teamed up to produce the short animated film, Agony Ant.  Since we worked together so well on that production, we decided to keep going!  Soon after that, Stephen introduced me to Jerry Twomey, our Financial Director and third Co-Founder.  Having Jerry on board really helped us to make sure that we were doing everything right from the start.

Now we’re all set up, and ready to make some amazing animation!  We’re excited to take on our next few projects and start working with some amazing people.

If you haven’t already, please go check out ‘Agony Ant’, we’ll be talking more about the making of that short right here in the near future.  We’ll also be featuring other artists and animators on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled! Other members of Studio Meala are going to be posting here soon too.

And to anyone reading who’s been following me since the early days of my ‘Paperbag Animator’ Youtube channel, thank you so much for sticking with me this far!

Until next time friends,


Sean ‘Paperbag’ Cunningham (Creative Director)