BONUS CONTENT – Cyberpunk 2077 Cartoon with Cas van de Pol

cyberpunk 2077

Hey everyone! Things will be a little quiet over here for the next while with the Studio winding down for Christmas but before then, we have some bonus process videos from the Cyberpunk 2077 Cartoon we created with Cas van de Pol – This project was a lot of fun for everyone involved and really […]


We’re back with another Meala Mini Feature! This time with  Matthew Margerison who created “Invasion!” . Matt is a UK born, Kilkenny based animator who’s worked on some of our favorite projects as a studio always putting in 110% to what he does – something you’ll see for yourself after reading this in-depth article he […]

The Ultimate “My Neighbor Totoro” Recap Cartoon

Ultimate My Neighbor Totoro recap

We had an absolute blast collaborating with Cas van de Pol (you should check out his Patreon!) on his latest Ultimate Recap. There’ll be plenty more Totoro goodness to come but for now enjoy 3 key shots at different stages of their animation process! Oh and if you haven’t watched the video yet you can  […]